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Crouching tiger.....

2012-11-02 06:21:09 by Lunaful

hidden Ibrahimovic.

Crouching tiger.....

I gots me a degree!

2012-05-24 14:59:11 by Lunaful

I have validation now, kneel be fore me!

I gots me a degree!

I'm still here.......damn exams

2012-04-21 22:10:04 by Lunaful

I'll be still quiet for sometime still but i'm alive!

More at news 11!

And now a word from our sponsors...

I'm still here.......damn exams

Oh Baby

2012-02-11 22:03:57 by Lunaful

I hope you like a smirk and a bow tie.

Oh Baby

Keep the shirt and tie or lose it and make a brand new one?

Now to find good pictures to use..... or ifsomeone is inclined to do so, they could make me one...

See you on the other side

2012-02-05 15:48:04 by Lunaful

Redesign, reinvent.

Bought Saints Row, its good fun.

blog before Bed Time #04

2011-08-23 19:36:39 by Lunaful

Who knew getting art commission for you could be so much fun! ffadb25a0abbcd473941b8be633c0f

blog before Bed Time #03

2011-08-21 22:06:36 by Lunaful

It 3.00 here, I had work today and yesterday. It was fairly stressful, thank god I got a few days off.

I also have the moves like Jagger.